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2023 State Dual Boys Teams

In 1993, the OHSWCA launched the state dual meet tournament and it was an instant hit with fans.  Similar to other powerhouse states, the Ohio State Duals tested the strength of a squad top-to-bottom, rather than on individual points.  The tournament continued under the umbrella of OHSWCA until 2013 when OHSAA came on board to host the dual championship.  OHSAA ran the event until 2021, when it was suspended to account for Covid-19.  The extended into a permanent elimination of the dual tournament, allowing it to bounce back to OHSWCA.

It returned in 2022 with a deep regional draw and all three boys divisions spread across the state.  The OHSWCA is excited to continue developing this unique testing of a team and crown a boys state dual champion.  Below, find links to the 2023 qualified teams. 

W-9 Form for OHSWCA

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