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About the OHSWCA:

The Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association was formed as a professional organization to promote the sport of wrestling in Ohio and support the dedicated coaches who provide leadership and the develop of athletes throughout Ohio's scholastic wrestling programs.


The activities of the OHSWCA are overseen by an Executive Board that is comprised of the elected officers and representatives from each of five designated districts across the state. 

The objectives of the OHSWCA are to:

1.) Develop and promote high school wrestling to its utmost.


2.) Cooperate with and assist the OHSAA in all matters pertaining to the mainenance, promotion and improvement of Ohio's wrestling program.


3.) Promote sportsmanship, fair play and good conduct. 


4.) Sponsor clinics to assist in the clarification and interpretation of rules and techniques and procedures in coaching.


5.) To assist in promoting and setting up District, Regional and State Tournament.


6.) Promote good fellowship and social contact among coaches.


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